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Hello! We are MK Services. We are a multicultural company specialized on IT Solutions of any size. We are here  to provide our customers with efficient, deliverable and on point solutions for their business technological needs. Please take a look in our services below. Any question please let us know

Our Services

App & Software Development

We built exceptional user focus applications across a breadth of devices including desktop, mobile and tablet. With the help of our industry expertise, we give the final user the best interaction experience across multiple channels.

UX / UI Design

We are a specialized team dedicated to transform our customers ideas, in to wonderful digital experiences.

Web Design & E-Commerce Solutions

Interactive Web Design

UI Design

E-Commerce Development

Woocomerce / Shopify /Webflow

E-Commerce store management

CLOUD Architecture

Cloud Architecture

Cloud infrastructure

Cloud servers

Cloud storage

VoIP Call center

Office 365

Exchange Online

Servers & Networks


Routing & Switching

Domain controller



VPN Connectivity


EDR & Antivirus

Backup & recovery

Specialized Consultancy & Coaching Solutions

We manage consulting and mentorship so you become the owner of your products. In order to have integrate and a friendly way company projects processes, goals and issues, permeating the entire corporation.

Schedule your phone call let us take care of your business

We understand your IT needs are primordial part of your business, and find a technology partner is  a big move. Schedule a meeting with our experts, and let us design the correct product for your needs. No hidden fees, no unpleasant surprises, and a real commitment to your business operations. We make it easy for you! We get you started or on the go.

More than another IT services company


We are located in San José, Costa Rica. Our country is well know for it’s friendly and multicultural people, as well as high performance technology and green environment vision.

Team players

We are team players! For MK Services each project it’s unique. We focus to deliver unforgettable experiences on every piece of work.

Time Zone

We are located on Central Standard time, CST all year long. This makes us very accessible all the time, easy approach, and no long time travel to location from North America. Direct flights from all across Europe.

Operational stability

Costa Rica has a long-standing and stable democracy with no army since 1948. Highly educated workforce and USD is accepted in all finacial institutions.