Specialized Servers and Networks Solutions

Safe and efective

We manage the equipment to provide effective solutions on the network, server and infrastructure issues. We take care of your network so you can focus on your business.

Monitoring and Antivirus: The best solution to manage and protect all your computer equipment from our cloud console, allows you to monitor your equipment quickly and safely, view your computer resources, work proactively and avoid costly disasters.

Tool 100% in the cloud, does not require initial installation, Allows you to control all computers remotely, service availability, real-time inventory control, resource monitoring of your computers, comprehensive security, rules-based security profiles, web filtering from anywhere in the world, unification of security events, know what happens with your equipment, different pre-configured reports that will help you have a clear picture of the infrastructure.

Backup and Recovery: We support all the information of your company, our service allows you to control the backups of your users and allows you to recover up to 28 days. Protect your company information with the best backup service in the world! We are partners of ACRONIS, the best tool on the market, we can adapt to any business environment, we carry out a backup and recovery model according to your business.


ACRONIS allows you to faithfully copy physical servers and transfer them to the cloud, the copies comply with all security levels to guarantee the integrity of the information, and comply with the correct recovery if required. Acquire the best backup tool.





Domain controller



VPN Conectivity


EDR and antivirus

Backup & recovery

We believe in the power of communication and friendly approach to best explain our technological services. Our Engineering team is ready to clear all your doubts and provide you with the best information regarding your business requirements.